June 13, 2013

Which one do you like?

Do you know about Women and You Magazine?
It's an online magazine for women that was formed by me and my friends. 
Why we made this online magazine?
 because all of us love blogging and sharing. We thought that we can talk each other from blog which is compiled into one blog.

lately I posted about type of pants in waymagz. It said that there are some type of pants. like palazzo, casual, pleated and so on. I made the picture from photoshop anyway. because I want to show you the picture of them. Palazzo is one of my favorite. They look like a skirt because the bottom of the pants are slightly baggy. They are compatible on you who loves wearing a top like blouse or shirt. You can add a blazer or vest for the top if you want to make it formal. Palazzo pants are very recommended for a tall women. what about a women who has a short type of body (like mine? ha ha ha :| ) I think it's okay wearing palazzo for a short body. Moslem style must be knowing this type, because they are very common and booming right now. not tight but comfort. Do you have a pallazo on your closet? why not ^^

Casual or jeans which are known for a leisurewear is common for women at work. this type are mostly sold in every store. Every women must has jeans or casual pants like this. Do you have one like this? I think so. They are fit to your body so make you comfort and match to any cloth like shirt, blazer, loose blouse, carhartt or tunic. women who has a short or tall body mostly like to wear casual pants.

Who doesnt know pleated pants? Pleated pants are flattering on most body types. The trick is in choosing high-waisted styles that show off your trim mid-section and making sure that look for small pleats to add just a little volume around your waist. But I dont really like to wear this pants because I have big hip ha ha ha. I prefer to wear skirt than pants. Hey, dont worry, if you have a big hip and love to wear them, just use them. Confident or comfortable is the most important thing, isn't?

Soo.. which one do you like?


  1. So pretty, the color goes everything very well. Love my new sheepskin jacket from cwmalls.com, as it is very flattering to the figure, very charming and it seems that this one can last me for many years.

    1. thank you :)

      geezzz.. you must be happy to have that great jacket. gorgeous! Hope I can have one, too :( It's slightly expensive for me :p hehehe