June 12, 2013


hi :)
sorry for the late post

but good news, I proudly pronounce our product ROSHMOM have free gift for you. this is our apology we not productive recently. I just had a bad, good, sad and happy moments because right now, I'll become a mother (after my first miscarriage). Inshaallaah. alhamdulillaaah. pray for me (^^)v.
So that's why (called morning sick) I was not posting anything on my blog. 

But how to get the Gift?
Just follow the instructions :

1. follow "Women and You Magazine" twitter ---> @waymagz
2. follow the instructions of getting the giveaway every friday
3. then get the present !

this month, ROSHMOM will give you a gift ^^


  1. Wah, ikut seneng bacanya, Fan.. selamat ya! Semoga sehat terus dan lancar semuanya :)

  2. Sehat terus ya faaann.. Semoga dilancarkan oleh Allah SWT. Ayo saling mem-follow via GFC..

  3. @nieke : amiiiiiin.. makaci nieke.

    @wida : aminnn. udah kufollow say.. (btw GFC itu apa yak? :p 'google fans club' gitu?)