June 15, 2013


hi there :)

I want to introduce my simply daily #hijabtutorial . 
It just takes 4 steps so that you can have one simply hijab.
 For more tutorial, please check at ROSHMOM's twitter or at WAYMAGZ's twitter. Hope we can  share more tutorials every month.

Inshaallaaaah ^^

easy right? hehehe

see you for the other tutorial (^^)/* 

June 13, 2013

Which one do you like?

Do you know about Women and You Magazine?
It's an online magazine for women that was formed by me and my friends. 
Why we made this online magazine?
 because all of us love blogging and sharing. We thought that we can talk each other from blog which is compiled into one blog.

June 12, 2013


hi :)
sorry for the late post

but good news, I proudly pronounce our product ROSHMOM have free gift for you. this is our apology we not productive recently. I just had a bad, good, sad and happy moments because right now, I'll become a mother (after my first miscarriage). Inshaallaah. alhamdulillaaah. pray for me (^^)v.
So that's why (called morning sick) I was not posting anything on my blog. 

But how to get the Gift?
Just follow the instructions :

1. follow "Women and You Magazine" twitter ---> @waymagz
2. follow the instructions of getting the giveaway every friday
3. then get the present !

this month, ROSHMOM will give you a gift ^^