October 11, 2012

photoshoot for moslem district

moslem district that means online shop for moslem that was created by me and my friends has been released. all of our efforts is supported by Hijabers Community Duri. 

my friends (mira and ocha) and I are determined to build a community of women moslem enterpreneurs (at least) in the environment we live, Duri and Riau. 
We get together at least once a month to bring us into a real business. Then of course cooperate in selling anything that looks to achieve profitability. May not be much, but at least from the little things like that can build up the people around. we can share among themselves

Become a part of moslem districts, I will always train my photographic skills. Yes, I certainly not as good as a professional photographer. But at least I've tried. And of course you can, too :) 

photographed : me (fannyfuraida) | @fannyfuraida
model : tania and jili
hijab style : @herawatimira and @ochafizh
wardrobe : FEMIRA
location : duri

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