July 4, 2012

Show time : heritage of melayu

last week I did fashion show by showing the RM's product. The fashion show was held by hijabersmom Riau. yes, it is my second project after fashion show in Surabaya. some of boutique in Pekanbaru like RUMOD, model boutique, and syafira boutique did the fashion show, too.
me and the models : jessy, meril, hanik, and nana

 The theme of my fashion show is heritage of Melayu.  
Why I choose Melayu? 
because there are many people don't know anything about Riau or Melayu. Riau in Sumatra in Particular culture is very interesting to explore. Riau especially is synonymous with the color yellow, green, gold and red. Motif on the fabric contains elements of flowers or strips. 
in each motif on the fabric has a specific meaning.
I'm wearing Madura's motif

a loveable designer!

they're sooo taller than me :p

models and designer

one of RM's product : heritage of melayu
Thank you to my lovely husband for taking us a picture.
hope another day I'll perform my own runway :p

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