April 27, 2012

Zahra in Blue

Yesterday, zahra, friends of the models from hijabers Duri and I did a photoshoot in theme : Zahra in Blue. Zahra is one of the local product are produced  all kinds of shapes pashmina (headscarf). 

 the best friends are angles
that god sent along

the friendship we have is so rare to find
we will keep each other close at heart

words could never tell you
how important you'll always be

yes. I've posted before about Hijabers. Right now I want to share you about how they look like by our wardrobe : RM and Zahra. Because of women similar with words of beauty, tender and self-reliance, they are a community encourage women to work in their  favorite fields, creativity and be well educated. The main propose of their organization is to invite all muslimah of the world wearing hijab. 

happiness shared from a friendship

model : pinta, mira dan vinie (hijabers community Duri)
wardrobe : RM
hijab : zahra
fashion stylist : ocha
photographed : FNY

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