April 9, 2012


This is my first time using photoshop. I raise the saturation, adjust the contrast, cut a few frames of photos and manage multiple application on photoshop. I normally often use the other software to edit a photo. Many things that I have to learn. All this time, my mistake, I only pay attention to the face and body's shape regardless of the environment and the 'content' of the photos. This is because of my intention to show some form of clothing's product. Thanks to my husband, I began to learn to deepen this knowledge. I started to work especial button on the camera and photoshop.

RM is the work of my mother and the extended family (me and my sister). It means : Rosh and Mom. I successfully managed to invite the other talented friends to participate in the process of making this product. Particularly in learning about photography, I learned a lot about patience in taking the proper angle and find the right light by myself.

I don't think there is an inexact art. There is no right and wrong as long as we feel comfortable. Otherwise I only hope that by repeating this exercise will improve the technique of photos and design of editing pictures. Maybe not as the other experts who have been long time pursuing the world of photography.

Beside I really love the color attractive and cheerful (for that I choose colorful balloon), I want to make the atmosphere of photography lively. so that's why I use Balloon itself for my project. Thank you to Mira Herawati and Vini Mutia Anggraeni who took time with us in the camp of CPI. And also hijab stylist and make up artist : Rossa Novita and Afriyanipinta Rossa. It was exciting :)

photographer : FNY
wardrobe : RM
model : Vinie & Mira
hijab stylist : Ocha
make up : Pinta

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