April 22, 2012

best friends wedding : taditional wedding of Yogyakarta

Last week was the wedding of my best friend. my husband and I went out of town to Yogyakarta to attend the event.

Like our (my husband and I) wedding before, they also used a traditional javanese wedding. The entirely day from pengajian, siraman, midodareni up to the wedding ceremony using Javanese (Yogyakarta) tradition.

Actually there are many types of Javanese ritual tradition. Every ritual tradition in Java was differ from one ritual to the other ritual.  For example, ritual tradition of wedding ceremony in Yogyakarta  is different than the others cities in java. Because of so many rituals to be done by the bride & broom, some families are just taking some of part of Javanese ritual tradition .

perhaps you should wanna know what the ceremony to be done :
1. Nontoni.
Nontoni ceremony is the ceremony which the parents or the whole family see the potential partner to be married. In the past, people who got married was not necessarily known to each other. It is possible that they wanted to know what the bride or broom looked like.

2. Lamaran
That is proposed to apply, because in ancient times among men and women who are getting married, sometimes they still do not know each other. so the groom's parents asked if other spouse has a husband or not.

The ceremony of Lamaran : on the day specified, the grooms parents bring some souvenirs. In ancient times, commonly called Jodang (wherefood, etc) are borne by four men. The foods are usually made from glutinous rice, rengginang and so on. According to the instincts of these foods contain the nature of the raw materials that sticky (pliket, Java). Once, Lamaran is then received by two sided negotiated on a good day to perform the ceremony called Peningsetan.

The word is base on the word called Singset (java) which means that tissue, so that means a binder of the parents of the groom to the bride. According to the tradition of lamaran, the consist of singset are batik, kebaya material, semekan, gold jewelry, or money. Jodang consist of  rengginang, sugar, tea, and other nala gending ganjur.

3. Tarub Ceremony
Tarub is ornate yellow coconut (young coconut leaves) are mounted edge bleketeptratag made of woven palm leaves. Installation Tarub usually installed when the bride and groom along with the bath (siraman, Java) that is one day before the wedding was held.

4. Nyantri
Nyantri ceremony is confined the groom to the bride's family from 1-2 days before the wedding.

5. Siraman
Siraman  means bath. The definition of siraman was bathing the bride which means clean up herself to be holy and pure. There are 7 pitulangan (helper) who did siraman. The water is mixture of flowers called Banyu Perwitosari Setaman that if possible taken from the seven springs. The ceremony was concluded by a splash of make up by breaking of clay.

6. Midodareni
Midodareni derived from the word : Widodari (Java), which means fairy princess of heaven is very beautiful and fragrant smells. 

7. Ijab ceremony
Traditionally in this ceremony the bride's family give/marry their daughter to the groom and his family. Qobul consent ceremony is usually led by officers from the office of religious affairs so that the terms be valid according to sharia qobul religion in Islam. By attending official government, they are registered in government records as a couple as a husband and wife.

8. Panggih
Panggih (Java) means meeting after the completion ceremony of the next ritual ceremony. The bride going back to the place, waiting for the groom so that everything is ready for the Panggih ceremony . Then they have a big moment by inviting guest to attending their other ceremony. 

happy wedding dear, Fella & Aries :D


  1. oh, gitu ya urutannya. dulu aku nikah gak pake adat jawa meskipun akad di semarang, jadi gak sempet ngerasain. btw, selamat ya Aries dam Fella :)

  2. itu urutan dasar. kadang ga semua seperti itu nieke :D kalau make itu bisa tujuh haru tujuh malam. ha ha ha.