January 17, 2012

Pandan Cake

as a mother and wife, better know what the best meals for family. Lately My friend and I baked a delicious cake. It's my another project for you mom. i knew it was not the best recipe, but I thought it was a best meals for a new mother and wife who did their first time cook.
our first recipe was easy to make. Pandan Cake. My friend bought one practical flour so we (as an amateur chef) don't worry about the ingredients. 

It needs :
1. one package of pandan instant flour (you can find them at the market).
2. whip instant cream (mix your whip flour with 400 cold water for 5-6 minutes)
3. 6 eggs
4. almond as much as you like
5. One set of blender for mix all of the ingredient (electric mixer, mixing bowl, a baking sheet)

Preparation :
Don't forget to preheat oven to 180C and prepare your pan. grease up your pans or may be dust it with flour.

How To Make :

First of all, mix in six eggs then blend for 3-4 minutes  on the mix bowl. make sure eggs reach room temperature. this will allow the flour to mix easier and the egg will allow the cake rise better.

 After that, put out all of instant flour into the bowl until it become dough. mix all of them for 7-8 minutes. .  I suggest you to use spanoola to scrape the creamy into your greased and floured pan. place the pan on the middle rack of the oven. Set you time for 35 minutes. 

here are some helpful hints while you wait for your cake to cook :
1. don't jump or bang around while the cake is cooking. it will fall and be mushy.
2. don't open the  oven door a lot to check on the cake. it will fall and be mushy.
3. don't let the oven door slam shut when you do check on the cake. it will fall and mushy.
4. watch your cake toward the end. Only you can tell when it is really done. the 1hr-35 min is a pretty good range though.

let's check the cake!

get a toothpick or better yet a broom straw to poke your cake with. The top of the cake should be browned and cracked. the cake should still be a little jiggly too.


turn off the oven and let the cake sit in the oven for another 10 minutes. This will allow the cake to form a nice crunchy crust. wait for 10 minutes later.get your cake out of the oven then transfer it to the cool plate. your cake is ready to decorated with the whip cream.

after all it's ready to eat... sooooo yummy! enjoy your cake ^^

our chef : Rossa Novita
photographer and author : fannyfuraida
guest star : Hafiz

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