December 14, 2011

SIMPLY's project

another photoshoot ^^

Last month, I went to Surabaya and we (FNY) made photoshoot for SIMPLY's project. SIMPLY one of clothing product asked me to made their catalog. by clicking the LIKE button on page (facebook), you can see the photo of us. or you can also click the SIMPLY's like button on page on facebook, then you can see all of the products. Dont forget spend your money there *wink

By the way, we held the photo session at mangrove in Surabaya (AGAIN). Mangrove is one of my favorite place where there were so many strategic view for my photo shoot. I don't know why I love this place, but mostly I found some beautiful view like the monkey, bridge, ship, mangrove, or river.

this is what I did during the model made up. test case.

and this is one of the resident of Mangrove, say cheeeeesseeee ^^

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