December 21, 2011

measure your body :)

I found a basic role about how to measure our body in youtube. This is what should we know. The easiest way to remember is make it sure that the best point of measurement is on the bust circum and waist circum. But if you like to remember all of them just okay:
1. neck circum
2. shoulder width
3. front armpit dist
4. back armpit dist
5. bust circum
6. bust dist
7. bust length
8. front bodice lenght
9. back bodice lenght
10. waist circum
11.  lower hip circum
12. upper hip circum
13. side seam

well, I'm not the expert one, but when I went to design class, the basic rule to make our own cloths was the measurement of your body.  Right now is my opportunity to let you know about it, girls.

good day



  1. Found your blog via bloglovin! Great blog and fantastic post! So glad I found it!!!!!

  2. thank you, wait upf for another photoshoot ^^