November 9, 2011


these all things is come from my old files which were I forgot to retouch. 
I took the photo a couple month ago with my sister. we decided to took pictures but we didn't have any idea what theme should we wore. my mother who love to design her cloths by herself was our target. 
We borrowed her cloths and I made my sister up. 
my sister has not ever use make up untill I push her to use a make up for my photos. 
finally, I made it. hahahahah. 
what do you think?

 we got the theme. 
ROSE was match with my mother's dress (full of roses and the color is red)
one thing, I realize that I love to draw flowers. everyday. while making a phone call with my friends, I recently drawing (unconcious) a flower. or maybe when I bored at the class, I always draw a flower. and you know, that furaida (my last name) means flower. I dont know the truth, but I got the info from my uncle when I was a child. 
I just believed him. hihihihhihi

thank you sis ^^

love love love

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