November 11, 2011

the best way to pay a lovely moment is to enjoy it - Richard Bach

November 10, 2011


Just now.
I made my own mark. It's named FNY (from my name). 
why I choose FNY as my mark? I know that it's similar with the famous portal site, FNphotography, which is a community of Indonesian photographers.
why not? I just picked from my name. Simple and quite easy to remember, isn't?

I'll tell you about the world from my mind, eyes and (of course) my picts.
love colors very much, 


November 9, 2011


these all things is come from my old files which were I forgot to retouch. 
I took the photo a couple month ago with my sister. we decided to took pictures but we didn't have any idea what theme should we wore. my mother who love to design her cloths by herself was our target. 
We borrowed her cloths and I made my sister up. 
my sister has not ever use make up untill I push her to use a make up for my photos. 
finally, I made it. hahahahah. 
what do you think?

November 8, 2011


long term,

that's why I love fashion, art and the motion.

I just found a lovely blog made by a lovely girl. first, I've told by my sister about it, and then i found out by myself. surprise this blog is what i need. very artistic, full of photo ^^ conceptual. and colorful ^^

She, EVITA NUH, is 12 years old and very talented. I love her style. chic and trust me, she know what she choose. her language is adorable. from one of fashion blogger, she is my favorite.

after long weeks, i'm very enthusiastic to continue my blog. helllooooow world !

thank you for inspiring me ^^