October 17, 2011


hey now.

ever heard about 99hijabstories?

yes. It's another community about campaigning hijab. Sincerely they have a salutary mission. they ask girls (who hasn't) to wearing hijab.  I just found it on twitter and they gave a competition for a girl who can write a story about history of the first time they wearing hijab. Hope every moslem girl on the world can be inspired by reading that stories.
 The winner can publish the story so it can be made into one book.

I just have to tell something. 
My experience must be great to share. 
aren't you? :)

fortunately, it has been 6 years I wearing hijab. Every moment in my life is complete since I wear hijab. First time, I just believe that hijab is not my obstacle for doing anything. Some one said that hijab is oldish or not modern (I just prove it now, hijab rock the world! hihihi). Beside that I just want to feel comfortable. Able to be valued or feel calm every day. Not worry of anything. even death.

for the most, I dedicated my stories to my friend who passed away. 
:) your smile still on my mind friend :)

just follow twitter :@99hijabstories