August 25, 2011

the grim

hi all.
I'm coming baaaaackk.... 
after long long time, finally I post something. yey! maybe it's quite different than the other old post. but, hey!
I just had fun ^^

I choose a distinctly theme of my pictures. now it told about beautiful girl in the gloomy. honestly, the first theme I picked, was about an angel and devil. But I thought another costume must be great. nurse which is familiar in Indonesia in horor movies, is one of the important character that (i think) I should take. I just need one white dress and a white hat. voila! 


Another character I choose was a witch. Well, it's definitely not a halloween party. but after all, without a witch on my picture seems mmm.. empty! and here we go. I  just picked a hand-made hat (my mother's friend just made it from a flanel craft) and a black dress ^^. one day I'll take a pict for moslem wear for horor thing.
hahaha. have a nice day !

photograph by : fannyfuraida
make up : fannyfuraida
models : jessy & prisilia
wardrobe : jessy's collection
location : duri