April 6, 2011

the turban for my self

hei. last weekend I read a magazine that introduce me about Turban. Turban for headwear was popular in Middle East, North Africa, and South West Asia to keep the people from cold and hot. However many muslim people in India wearing the turban. 
Camilia Batmanghelidih wearing a turban and matching robe.
And then, I decided to get my own turban. I just need a veil, brooch, pins, and rubber bracelet. and it's very easy. first, bundle your veil in the side of veil. put on your head. Then wrap your head from the top to the bottom. pins everywhere you like until your head's wrapped. well, a simply turban has made by myself. last, you can put brooch (accessories) as you like. taraaaaa...  
I just wear a turban! 

or can be a necklace put on my head. . ? hmm, why not?

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