April 7, 2011

first project

this time is about fashion photography. due to the jobless things and become a young wife, I decided to do my last hobby. I like to create something new, draw something on my paper, or browsing a crafting-designing from people which I think very creative in their blogs. 

Well, I think wedding is kind of interesting thing. Based on my experience, designing gown for my wedding is an interesting one. I just picked the design, choose the material, and put some accessories on my body. I thought about making another wedding-gown for my project. but I didn't have enough money for it. I just had some cloths which was not a dress yet. it's satin, organdi, paris-veil, and jala-thing. well, in my opinion, with a special touch it could be a wedding-gown. So then I was thinking about making an experiment. I need a model, camera, and hair-do-things. 
there were foundation, eye shadow, sponge, face powder, compact powder, brush, lipstick, and eye liner for my project.
after an hour I make the model up, I try to take her some pictures. This is my first time I did a photograph for fashion. hmmm, I think the result is okay. I just proud of it :D

ouch, the eyelashes almost fell. hmm, I should give it more glue, right?

wardrobe : Fannyfuraida
make up and jilbab : Fannyfuraida
photograph by Fannyfuraida
model : DianPrimadewi
setting : Kos U-28
well, Dian thank you for a beautiful day :)

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