April 29, 2011


starting from turban,

wardrobe and make up : fannyfuraida
 photograph : fannyfuraida
model : monic
location : surabaya

April 24, 2011

hijabers community :)

finally i found another style-community. they named themselves Hijabers Community. I think they such a doll. Well beib, dont hesitate to try this at home :D
and maybe I will :)

April 15, 2011


I decided to have my own boutique. maybe later i'll launch it. :) I wish I take all photos by myself.

flower IDR 50
thank you lady, you such a beautiful one I've ever seen :)
wardrobe, make up and hijab : fannyfuraida
model : Bintan
photograph : fannyfuraida
location : Al Akbar, Surabaya

April 10, 2011

another photoshoot, yey!

reminds me of when I was a child, we often played the soap bubble

I picked some old cloths for the photosession. And mixed it into a muslim wear which is full of color :)

wardrobe : Fannyfuraida
make up and hijab : Fannyfuraida
photograph : Fannyfuraida & Edwin K R
location : Surabaya, Puri Mas
weeeeelll....... hope you like it girls. see you soon !

April 8, 2011

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a women healthy, wealthy and wise - Benjamin Franklin

April 7, 2011

first project

this time is about fashion photography. due to the jobless things and become a young wife, I decided to do my last hobby. I like to create something new, draw something on my paper, or browsing a crafting-designing from people which I think very creative in their blogs. 

Well, I think wedding is kind of interesting thing. Based on my experience, designing gown for my wedding is an interesting one. I just picked the design, choose the material, and put some accessories on my body. I thought about making another wedding-gown for my project. but I didn't have enough money for it. I just had some cloths which was not a dress yet. it's satin, organdi, paris-veil, and jala-thing. well, in my opinion, with a special touch it could be a wedding-gown. So then I was thinking about making an experiment. I need a model, camera, and hair-do-things. 
there were foundation, eye shadow, sponge, face powder, compact powder, brush, lipstick, and eye liner for my project.
after an hour I make the model up, I try to take her some pictures. This is my first time I did a photograph for fashion. hmmm, I think the result is okay. I just proud of it :D

ouch, the eyelashes almost fell. hmm, I should give it more glue, right?

wardrobe : Fannyfuraida
make up and jilbab : Fannyfuraida
photograph by Fannyfuraida
model : DianPrimadewi
setting : Kos U-28
well, Dian thank you for a beautiful day :)

April 6, 2011

 Oh, I just remember that it has been 2 months after my wedding ceremony. lot of wonderful moments after the ceremony, so that's why my life seems complete with you, dear. sorry for everything inconvenience you. I hope you'll understand that this is how I communicate my feelings ♥ hehehe

 happy 2nd month wedding my love :* hope next year ahead will be our completely full of romantic journey. love you  

the turban for my self

hei. last weekend I read a magazine that introduce me about Turban. Turban for headwear was popular in Middle East, North Africa, and South West Asia to keep the people from cold and hot. However many muslim people in India wearing the turban. 
Camilia Batmanghelidih wearing a turban and matching robe.
And then, I decided to get my own turban. I just need a veil, brooch, pins, and rubber bracelet. and it's very easy. first, bundle your veil in the side of veil. put on your head. Then wrap your head from the top to the bottom. pins everywhere you like until your head's wrapped. well, a simply turban has made by myself. last, you can put brooch (accessories) as you like. taraaaaa...  
I just wear a turban! 

or can be a necklace put on my head. . ? hmm, why not?