March 23, 2011

the journey

this is what I used to do when I have nothing to do :) well, after browse some blogs, I decided to make my own craft :D I just need some felt fabrics, scissors, glue, pencil, pencil color and eraser.
felt fabrics
a glass of milk while doing my work
I need a yarn, needles, a glue and scissors

I imagine, that it has a story. I put a Japanese girl into my story. she was waiting for someone, but there is no one coming. I drew her on a paper. Just drew a tree, a sun, and a body and... Voila! there is a little girl just waiting for someone under the tree. :D but somehow, she is wondering about something. she was daydreaming about what will she wear for her wedding. hihihi... I know my story was little bit preposterously. but hey, honestly, that was my dream :D make a beautiful gown.

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