March 23, 2011

the journey

this is what I used to do when I have nothing to do :) well, after browse some blogs, I decided to make my own craft :D I just need some felt fabrics, scissors, glue, pencil, pencil color and eraser.
felt fabrics
a glass of milk while doing my work
I need a yarn, needles, a glue and scissors

I imagine, that it has a story. I put a Japanese girl into my story. she was waiting for someone, but there is no one coming. I drew her on a paper. Just drew a tree, a sun, and a body and... Voila! there is a little girl just waiting for someone under the tree. :D but somehow, she is wondering about something. she was daydreaming about what will she wear for her wedding. hihihi... I know my story was little bit preposterously. but hey, honestly, that was my dream :D make a beautiful gown.

March 22, 2011

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

-- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

March 16, 2011

Fresh Shoes For Spring 2011

well, this why women love shoes anyway. they all look cute laaah =)) you can visit this link to fresh your mind.

March 15, 2011


goooooosssh... i found the blog that make me so dumbfounded!

well, this blog is all about fashion :) but overall, loooove the blog. . . . \(^^)/

March 14, 2011

"There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you"

March 13, 2011

my wedding

well, this is how I used to be a princess in one day at my wedding. I just designed it by myself. sure, you can also designed wedding gown by your own too. well, I browsed pictures of wedding gowns every day. and I decided to wear grey. I don't really like white. I think white is fit for a certain type of cloths. not all. hmm, but hey, basically every colour is okay for your favorite gown. 

for a moslem-wear, it is kinda simple. well, you just need a long dress. put it also your fave accessories on your body. it could be brooch, necklace, sequins, and absolutely beautiful veil. I say if you use veil on your wedding gown, just make sure, you have a right accessories. just choose less than 1 or 2 accessories on your head. and it will make you a beautiful women :) 

there are optional accessories for your list: irna la perle the beautiful moslem wear, haircomesthebride a various accessories for your day, lightintheboxtheweddingoutlet, or i can say you can googling by yourself :)

ps: if you copy the wedding gown, just make sure not all of part of the gown is fit for you. maybe grab two or three pieces like the skirt form or design of the sequin or the arms into your wedding gown.

March 11, 2011

sunny day at the car wash

last week, i went to washed my bubu (my own-car) in Mulyosari. Mostly, i love the place. the place is remote from major road. very last year, it was a swamp. but now, it's a business place. there is a restaurant, cafe, flying fox, nice garden, and fishing pond.

in the middle of the swamp

i took 4 hour waiting for the wash where 1 hour i slept on the gazebo, the other i spent my time for taking the pictures.

while waiting
pussy cat 

there is flying fox!

2:00 pm, and it's very shiny.