January 15, 2011

another story from my hills part 1 ~ i'll call him mr omes


i start to recollect what i used to play when i was a kid. going back home just represent my childhood thing. I remember the ground where I  intuitively step on frogs in the quiet night (so that's why i hate to see or imagine those disgust frogs), playgrounds where i used to take a stupid photograph with my fellas, but hey, we had a lot of fun! or school, where the stories begin. yah, unforgettable memories i made still heart inside of my head.

let me introduce my friends at my house. we were belong together, playing around the house or i can say they were the witness of my life. my bunny. i call it, kelinci. it looks like a bunny.  :)

hahahhaha, I remember when i was a child, i put it down as my own child. it was really tiny and soft. i carried on my hands as if kelinci was my baby. right now it's dirty, and, hey, kelinci doesn't has nose on it's face. maybe i start to have small surgery, dont I?
here is Kelinci from the front side. with a funny face where the tongue stick from it's mouth. i just love it, even it doesn't has a nose. yeeaaah, i'm really going to do surgery. :p


i haven't finish my story yet.

there is tigger on my bedroom. it was a gift from my friends when i celebrated 17th years old party at my house. :D

tigger is a photo frames. i can put photos inside the frame :)

Honestly, i havent give it a name. hm... he's orange, has mottles on his body, but he looks so sad. tigger doesn't like him that i know. tigger that i know is jovial, pleasant and faithful.



i'll call him Mr Omes ~ \(Oo)/ yey

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