January 16, 2011

another story from my hills part 2 - in the sweetroomberland

last page, I've just told about my childhood thing. now, I wish some of this toys, was not belong to me, is alive.  I imagine about a story like what I did when I was in elementary school. I made a story. I drew on a paper which the story was about a women, then she had a family, then met a man, then there were drama on it, so last story was an happy ending life. or maybe I created a power girl which sailor moon was the most wanted comic at the time, or maybe the Doraemon's creatures that (until now) amazed me and wondering "is that things can be happened in a real life?".

well, lets begin my own story.

here is my own story:

Mrs Isabella Kastilia, a friend of Kelinci. Taken from queen of spain's name (I hope she was born in Spain), she was ordinary and beautiful. well, I just imagine that she was the one which can made all of man (of toy's man) fall in love with her. she liked to go to shopping, had a coffee with a couple of friends, hang out, went to saloon, and anymore. it/she was pink. well, I'll tell you about Isabella life-being in the other time.

January 15, 2011

another story from my hills part 1 ~ i'll call him mr omes


i start to recollect what i used to play when i was a kid. going back home just represent my childhood thing. I remember the ground where I  intuitively step on frogs in the quiet night (so that's why i hate to see or imagine those disgust frogs), playgrounds where i used to take a stupid photograph with my fellas, but hey, we had a lot of fun! or school, where the stories begin. yah, unforgettable memories i made still heart inside of my head.

let me introduce my friends at my house. we were belong together, playing around the house or i can say they were the witness of my life. my bunny. i call it, kelinci. it looks like a bunny.  :)

hahahhaha, I remember when i was a child, i put it down as my own child. it was really tiny and soft. i carried on my hands as if kelinci was my baby. right now it's dirty, and, hey, kelinci doesn't has nose on it's face. maybe i start to have small surgery, dont I?
here is Kelinci from the front side. with a funny face where the tongue stick from it's mouth. i just love it, even it doesn't has a nose. yeeaaah, i'm really going to do surgery. :p


i haven't finish my story yet.

there is tigger on my bedroom. it was a gift from my friends when i celebrated 17th years old party at my house. :D

tigger is a photo frames. i can put photos inside the frame :)

Honestly, i havent give it a name. hm... he's orange, has mottles on his body, but he looks so sad. tigger doesn't like him that i know. tigger that i know is jovial, pleasant and faithful.



i'll call him Mr Omes ~ \(Oo)/ yey