December 15, 2011

The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away - Wilson Wizner

December 14, 2011


Last week I was attending to Hijabee's grand launching : Sparkling Sunday in Surabaya. 
There were so many  new girlfriends attending to the party. They really enthusiasm to greet new people and got new tuition from the guest speakers. 

SIMPLY's project

another photoshoot ^^

Last month, I went to Surabaya and we (FNY) made photoshoot for SIMPLY's project. SIMPLY one of clothing product asked me to made their catalog. by clicking the LIKE button on page (facebook), you can see the photo of us. or you can also click the SIMPLY's like button on page on facebook, then you can see all of the products. Dont forget spend your money there *wink

November 11, 2011

the best way to pay a lovely moment is to enjoy it - Richard Bach

November 10, 2011


Just now.
I made my own mark. It's named FNY (from my name). 
why I choose FNY as my mark? I know that it's similar with the famous portal site, FNphotography, which is a community of Indonesian photographers.
why not? I just picked from my name. Simple and quite easy to remember, isn't?

I'll tell you about the world from my mind, eyes and (of course) my picts.
love colors very much, 


November 9, 2011


these all things is come from my old files which were I forgot to retouch. 
I took the photo a couple month ago with my sister. we decided to took pictures but we didn't have any idea what theme should we wore. my mother who love to design her cloths by herself was our target. 
We borrowed her cloths and I made my sister up. 
my sister has not ever use make up untill I push her to use a make up for my photos. 
finally, I made it. hahahahah. 
what do you think?

November 8, 2011


long term,

that's why I love fashion, art and the motion.

I just found a lovely blog made by a lovely girl. first, I've told by my sister about it, and then i found out by myself. surprise this blog is what i need. very artistic, full of photo ^^ conceptual. and colorful ^^

She, EVITA NUH, is 12 years old and very talented. I love her style. chic and trust me, she know what she choose. her language is adorable. from one of fashion blogger, she is my favorite.

after long weeks, i'm very enthusiastic to continue my blog. helllooooow world !

thank you for inspiring me ^^

October 17, 2011


hey now.

ever heard about 99hijabstories?

yes. It's another community about campaigning hijab. Sincerely they have a salutary mission. they ask girls (who hasn't) to wearing hijab.  I just found it on twitter and they gave a competition for a girl who can write a story about history of the first time they wearing hijab. Hope every moslem girl on the world can be inspired by reading that stories.
 The winner can publish the story so it can be made into one book.

I just have to tell something. 
My experience must be great to share. 
aren't you? :)

fortunately, it has been 6 years I wearing hijab. Every moment in my life is complete since I wear hijab. First time, I just believe that hijab is not my obstacle for doing anything. Some one said that hijab is oldish or not modern (I just prove it now, hijab rock the world! hihihi). Beside that I just want to feel comfortable. Able to be valued or feel calm every day. Not worry of anything. even death.

for the most, I dedicated my stories to my friend who passed away. 
:) your smile still on my mind friend :)

just follow twitter :@99hijabstories

September 23, 2011

love starts from a b and c :)
a for an angel come from above
b is for baby that will come here around us
c for cuddle that we'll made for you dear my baby


glad to saw them both were waiting for their new born child. a honored taking their pictures, really ^^. This is my first time I took a picture about pregnancy photography. but for sure, I've got to practice. 

anyway congratulation for Marco an Maya. hope your baby as cute as her mother. :*
I can't wait taking your baby's pictures.

location: krakatau
models : maya and marco
photograph by fannyfuraida

September 19, 2011

Being copied is the ransom of success - coco chanel

everytime I see those pictures, make me wondering how they made a gorgeous concept of photograph. the light, the models, the dress, make up and stuffs, all in one in one frame. Indonesia has a good one! just check it out now. you'll smile.

September 2, 2011

life is too short to be anything but happy. falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living - unknown


look at their face!

whoooo... I love the baby innocent face. LOL 

September 1, 2011

Eid 2

last post, I told you about what I wore in the first Eid., it is Bolero. Bolero which I wore on celebration day is the best complement for anything you wore. like jumpsuit or maybe (last post) long dress :)
from one simply chiffon made one simply bolero for your style ^^.

wardrobe : simply


happy Eid everyone :)

now, I'll introduce our new collections for this holiday :)
let say that I love flower and I choose bolero for the lovely Eid. by the way, it can be mixed and matched with the other cloths like black long dress or maybe something you like. 

simple right?

wardrobe : simply

August 25, 2011

the grim

hi all.
I'm coming baaaaackk.... 
after long long time, finally I post something. yey! maybe it's quite different than the other old post. but, hey!
I just had fun ^^

I choose a distinctly theme of my pictures. now it told about beautiful girl in the gloomy. honestly, the first theme I picked, was about an angel and devil. But I thought another costume must be great. nurse which is familiar in Indonesia in horor movies, is one of the important character that (i think) I should take. I just need one white dress and a white hat. voila! 


Another character I choose was a witch. Well, it's definitely not a halloween party. but after all, without a witch on my picture seems mmm.. empty! and here we go. I  just picked a hand-made hat (my mother's friend just made it from a flanel craft) and a black dress ^^. one day I'll take a pict for moslem wear for horor thing.
hahaha. have a nice day !

photograph by : fannyfuraida
make up : fannyfuraida
models : jessy & prisilia
wardrobe : jessy's collection
location : duri 

June 28, 2011

wanna see more....? just click the facebook page on this site girls :)

June 17, 2011

good job!

 :) hihihi. this is what my sister did while nothing to do in her holiday. I was told by her about her new blog. ^^ like it.*two thumbs up* can't wait for other stories dear....

June 14, 2011

feom blogwalking, i found somethin yey!! I hope you like it anyway :D

May 28, 2011

just browsing...

i dont know why... this pict is sooo cuteeee. LOL.
hope one day I'll take picture about babies :D it must be fun ^^

May 25, 2011

where is my heart

thank you tantri :) 

well, sorry girls I've just posted my other projects since a very long time I recently not posting my blog.
but, hey! I bring you a lovely pre wedding photo session with my best girlfriend. after a week, she came to me  by bringing me some balloons. :D such a great idea (^^)/ 

"where is my heart" she said
"I think it stays inside my heart" he said

hihihi. just wondering what they were talking about............. ^^

I hope their love is like a ship, everywhere they go they still load their love life  .

congrats dear,  hope you both happily ever after :)

photograph : I*F production
wardrobe : Rony+Tantri stuffs
location : Surabaya

May 12, 2011

first launch

yiiippppieeee.. finally I launch my first online shop :D hehehe.... grab it fast sist ;p hehehe

ssst... just click the like button on my facebook shop :D
 by browsing FNY or looking in my page :D

April 29, 2011


starting from turban,

wardrobe and make up : fannyfuraida
 photograph : fannyfuraida
model : monic
location : surabaya

April 24, 2011

hijabers community :)

finally i found another style-community. they named themselves Hijabers Community. I think they such a doll. Well beib, dont hesitate to try this at home :D
and maybe I will :)