August 14, 2010

turkish hijabi

i love colors soo much. so that's why when i go to shop, i just drop my eyes into the colors first. 

i love purple

and you know that most of my cloths and little of my stuffs are in purple. aaaand i love pink, white, black and brown too. all those colors make my life more enthusiastic.

btw, last night when i was browsing something, i found all about hijab. (i remember, it has been 4 years I wear it). yes, right now i maddest to turkish hijabi. 

it simply hard easy. Because we just have to wrap over our head by using shawl or veil. you dont have to wear head-cap.

it's full of colors. interesting, i think. i like the way they wrap their shawl. and sometimes there are many colors and patterns on their style. so it's not boring to see. 


well, they confident to wear that kind of stuffs. how about you?

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