July 26, 2010

Trip to Kubah Emas

Kubah Emas-mosque was soo big and BEAUTIFUL. Top of the mosque is made from gold. Beside the mosque, there is a house. It was sooo huge. The owner of the mosque lives in that big house, i thought it was similar with the empire palace. People were not allowed to come in to the house. So I just stared from the outside. yeah, It was my trip on June when I came in to my friend's wedding.  

It was my first time i went to Depok. and it was fun. I arrived at Depok at middle of the night, it took 2 hour from central city, Jakarta. fyuuuuuuh, 
Do you know guys, I had to wake up at 5 o'clock because we had arrange schedule about attending ontime on my best friend ceremonial of her wedding in Kubah Mas. 

Well, dressed up in the early morning was remind me about my graduation. hahahaha.. We had to woke up earlier than usual (three o'clock maybe), so we could go to the salon before four o'clock in the morning. 

inside of the mosque was beautiful. I love the architecture. So i had decided if i get married, i'll choose Kubah Mas for my best-first priority. hahahaaha. maybe someday (or soon) i'll tell you where will be. after that we went to the wedding ceremony near from the mosque. we just walked for 5 minutes and finally, hupla! we are in the building where the event has not start yet. 

thank you all, we spent lot of fun there. happy wedding amy...  for an unforgettable moment. what a nice weekend.. ^^

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