November 16, 2009

this is my first blog

most of people think that talking is easier than writing. umm..i think it's all depend on you. if you kinda embarassed with exploring your minds in front of people, why don't you start to writing down your words on paper..? it's kinda easy, i guess? he he he... 

but if you good at talking in front of  people, just talk! or if you like them both, just go for them. mostly, I prefered to start with talking in front of people. a lot of people.. and new people. yap!  I think it gaves me informations that I don't know before. I like to see their expressions. how they talk, laugh, tell a story maybe about their child who always makes them wondering what will happened  in 10 years later.  ooor, maybe I start to understand about what people need, what they feel, their problem, their opinion and their thought. I'ts like about feed something new up on your head. and then, when you have the same problem, you know the answer. . .  

now, Im starting write down whole of my life or my opinion in a blog, because I thought I can give many things from my head so that you can read as your problem solver (maybe) or your pleasure (i'm sure), i feel kinda happy. it's my first thing in blog. I like writing. but it's not as big as i like chatting.  i start writing because i think by writing down, people around the world (or may be people who dont know anything about myself) can read my thoughts. can understand what i feel. and maybe, thay can help me to understand that life is so simple. ya... because your life is wonderful!!

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