November 17, 2009

hahahahhaa.. that's why i love them

i started to learn about photography because of my friends. they taught me about how to get some good angles, or the other things include appetture (do i put the spell of it right?), shutter and other stuffs which is relevant with photography. i become more interesting when i found that all of pictures in internet! hahahaaha. *blushing*. anyway, i love the way the photographers took those pictures. they combined COLORS on it. there are PINKs, GREENs, BROWNs, REDs, BLUEs, BLACKs and the beautiful PURPLEs on the pictures? how it comes? 

soooo i decided to take the pictures like THAT by myself. hahahaha. i hope so... because, right now, i have to collect money first. then i'll get the camera.. and then i'll show you the best i can do .. just wait, see and learn.. khi khi khi... *smug*

this picture (above) is not a photograph, but someone has painted it. but i lovvvveeee thhheee COOlLOORrSS. hahaahaha. for sure, i become a photography lover when one of my friend told me a site that has many pictures which made my eyes can not stop stare at them. it's he (kenrockwell) guide a new comer like me about how to choose a good camera and other stuffs so i can get them as well as the profesional camera's tools ever. i love the way he took the pictures. he used an analog one. (wow). and the most thing i like from the site is he told us that potography is the power of observation, not the application of technology. hahahaha... yeah for the profesional like him i can agree with youuu, ken arok.. but what about the amateur like me?!! hiks. i just need some photo editors such as PHOTOSHOP!! ahahahhahah......

but at least, all of these just depend on you my friends, you can create your own imagination in your hands.. then show off yours to the world..


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